Get Your Glow Back – Episode 4 – With The Mind Medic

Get Your Glow Back – Episode 4 – With The Mind Medic



What a refreshingly honest and insightful chat with the wonderful Sarah Vohra (also known as @themindmedic )!! She truly is a diamond.


A best selling author, child psychiatrist, Womens Health Psychiatrist and mum, debunks myths around mental health. In this episode she shares her 5 senses technique, reveals tips to combat loneliness, and tells us why we need to stop comparing ourselves now! I learnt sooo much.


I’ve summed up our chat here:


Reverse Curfew:

  • Try to avoid having your phone as an alarm clock
  • Keep your phone out the bedroom
  • Have your morning routine sorted before bed – To avoid social comparison!
  • Do the things that make you feel good


Tips for Loneliness:


  1. Remove the pressure off of yourself – don’t put pressure on yourself to go and do things when your a new mother or if you just don’t want to go out when you don’t feel like it.
  2. Try to restrict visitors in the early stages or when you don’t feel your best – be brave to say so!
  3. Enjoy some you-time


Tips for relationships:


  1. Honest with communication – accept that there will be strain, it is going to be hard for both of you
  2. Book things into a shared calendar – sort childcare and book it in
  3. Get dressed up (if you want to) or grab some drinks after work


5 Sense Strategy For A Happier Self


Putting a structure to why you might be thinking a way about yourself


Sight: For example, when you pick up your phone, you might see things that don’t make you feel good or make you feel inadequate. Jot down how these things make you feel.


Hear: Example: Overbearing boss, negative friends, controlling partner… Jot down how different things you hear in a day, make you feel


Touch/feel: Example, when it’s cold your mood isn’t great. Jot down how the things you touch and feel in a day make you feel


Taste: Example, are there foods that make you feel good, or are there things you taste like caffeine that actually make you more anxious and worried… Jot down how the things you taste in a day, make you feel.


Smell: Example, this is actually more about seeing past what people present to you, i.e. smelling the nonsense .. Jot down how the things you listen to make you feel.


Sarah’s note to you all is:

‘Remember that everyone is finding their way and finding it as hard as you are, don’t worry”


I hope you enjoyed this episode, I loved chatting with her!

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Madeleine. Xx

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