Get Your Glow Back – Episode 38 – With The Dream Birth Company

Get Your Glow Back – Episode 38 – With The Dream Birth Company

I’m joined today Clodagh Connell and Marie Claire Lalor the founders of mindful birthing company, The Dream birth company to talk all things mindful birth. For the show notes on everything we talked about see below: 

The Calm breath technique 

Great for in between contractions, to practice with birth partner and any moment in everyday life that you want to reconnect to your breath

Place one hand on the belly and one on the heart 

Count your breath in through your nose for 4 and out through the mouth for 8

What is mindful birthing: 

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment 

Applying mindfulness tools during birth can reduce pain and anxiety during birth

Taking a deep breath while tense is much harder, having a baby while stressed and tense it makes it very difficult to take deep breaths

Knowledge is power when it comes to birth

When to begin mindfulness techniques: 

Anytime from 20 weeks onwards, the earlier the better

Marie Mongan hypnobirthing book is a great place to start 

doing a course is a great way to bring your partner up to speed after doing research 

The fight or flight mode in birth: 

Physically it’s a system designed to protect us for escape or fight which is not ideal for having a baby

Ideally you need to be in a relaxed state of mind so that the oxygenated blood stays for the organs and the baby stays calm

What if things don’t go to plan:

You can still have a mindful birth

You can still use mindful birthing techniques to make your birth as positive as possible whether you need a c section or if you need pain relief, the health of the baby and mother is most important. 

Mindful birthing can help empower you to feel like birth hasn’t just happened to you but that you have had an active role in it 

How can our birthing partners support us

Protecting the birthing environment – the mother has enough to be focussing on,  the role of the birth partner is to make sure you feel safe, supported and comfortable and that you aren’t worried

Making sure you have water when you need it 

Having an active role in packing and unpacking the hospital bag is helpful they aren’t looking for where something is and needing your assistance to find things

pre-arranging the route the hospital 

Protecting the ‘golden’ hour: the first hour after your baby is born, a sacred precious time between the three of you (medical reasons permitting) skin to skin contact or for dad to do this and take the time to enjoy the baby and be as a unit for the first time. 

What if you had a traumatic first birth: 

Create a supportive space to acknowledge the past experience 

Take the time to reflect and re-frame after the birth

Preventing tearing: 

Perineal massage 

Birth ball – exercise ball, comfortable to sit on while pregnant but useful for helping your body get into the right position and stretch 

hot compresses are useful 

A hot bath in the early stages of labour can help soften the area

If you do end up tearing, it is really common and it’s not the end of the world 

In the moment you won’t actually care or realise – when the baby arrives it’s the last thing you’ll be thinking about

Fourth trimester: 

Majority of attention goes towards birth but the time after is also really important

Make a postpartum plan as well as a birth plan 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you need to heal and recover

The first 40 days a mother should be cared for

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, slow down and allow yourself to heal 

The Postnatal Depletion cCure – Dr Oscar Scullik 

Use a food delivery service if it’s available to you

If you can’t look after yourself how can you look after anyone else

Support your friends with the things they really need: not flowers but food or time!

The power hour: do one thing for yourself everyday whatever that means for you 


Go to bed an hour earlier once you have a baby

Put your phone to bed 

Be kind to yourself it’s important to rest

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