Get Your Glow Back – Episode 29 – With Gabby Bernstein

Today’s episode of Get Your Glow Back features one of my personal inspirations, a woman described by Oprah as ‘a next-generation thought leader’ Gabby Bernstein. Gabby is a spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and author of 7 amazing self-help books. On this episode Gabby shared some really amazing and practical advice for connecting with our own spirituality and creating a positive inner voice from her own experience both as a spiritual teacher and a new mother. 


On Motherhood: 

After a blissful pregnancy and delivery Gabby experienced a personal rock bottom of postpartum depression.

Gabby describes the challenge of postpartum depression, insomnia, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts as the catalyst for her deepest personal growth putting her personal growth journey in the highest gear

Gabby sought the help of medical professionals including psychiatrists in order to reach a place where she could once again use her spiritual practices to heal and grow. 

This experience has helped her to appreciate the important relationship between medical and spiritual and the role they can play simultaneously

A key take home is the importance of never judging or shaming someone for seeking or requiring medical help in the spiritual world

Just like spirituality, medicine is a healing device that has a place in our toolkit


Obstacles are detours in the right direction

Obstacles open us up for the greatest healing work that we need 


Connecting to our spirituality 

Your breath is your greatest tool to connect back to your spiritual root 

Creating a sustainable spiritual practice is not about taking a set time out everyday, it’s about incorporating little practices and attitudes all the time. 

It’s not about retreats, weekends, but it’s about recommitting every day, deepening your connection everyday fuelled by a deep desire to feel good

When you start to feel good go even deeper, don’t feel that your work is done 

Find what works for you, be open, meditation has a solution for everyone who is willing to seek it, you can find deep stillness in other ways 


The Choose Again Method

Recognise the thoughts you are having and how they are making you feel

Witness the thought and forgive yourself for having it. 

Release the thought and then choose again

Choose a more positive thought

Turning up in the most positive way every day is the most important step you can take to be there for the people you love.


How Gabby gives back to herself

Detoxing – nourishing foods, home cooking

Exercising daily


Tapping – emotional freedom technique


Living every tool that she teaches 

Making Self care her highest priority



We are all manifesting all the time but perhaps not manifesting what we want. 

Our energy is always attracting it’s likeness, when we can adjust our energy through practices we can get into alignment and attract more of what you want, 

Manifesting is about thoughts and feelings rather than phrases, if phrases help choose the ones that invoke the thoughts and feelings you want. 

Every moment is a point of attraction and we are either allowing what we want or we aren’t


How can we release the past so we can live without fear of our future

Transforming fear into faith, 

In order to heal our wounds we must witness them

With full commitment and the correct and safe resources we can revisit the trauma and heal. 

Commit and find the tools that work for you: EMDR, emotional freedom technique, talk therapy


How to let our purpose find us 

Make your primary purpose to feel good and your purpose will come

You will be guided as to what you are called too, don’t block the potential of what you are meant to do but focus on what feels good 


Key take homes from Gabby’s new book super attractor

When we commit to making ourselves feel good we will become a super attractor. 

We are always being guided we just need to rediscover and listen to our inner teacher, we need to tune in to the guidance we are being given and establish what that means to you as an individual 

To really follow the practices and get to a place when you have unwavering faith in the universe to see obstacles as opportunities and accept the steps along the way 


The most important lessons Gabby hopes to pass on to her son

To learn how to self soothe, honour his emotions and experience them.  

To learn how to feel emotion and sit with and be present with his emotions. 

To be kind, generous, loving, accepting

Have the tools to make feeling good a priority 

When your child is upset ask them – What are you feeling rather than shushing them accept there emotions and don’t shut them down 



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