Get Your Glow Back Podcast – Episode 28 – With Carly Rowena

What helps Carly feel body confident


Learning the power of your own body

How to express to your partner how you feel

Communication is key

You’re probably both thinking these same thing – you just have to say it

If you are going through hormonal changes during pregnancy or postnatally try and explain what’s going on rather than hiding it

Learn that you may have different ideas of parenting and allow the compromise

What keeps Carly motivated to exercise

Knowing how good you will feel after

you will never regret a workout

How to make time for you as a new mum

Let you friends know when you are around, if you can get childcare from your partner

Don’t put pressure on yourself to do everything, there is no need to feel guilty just try and be present when you are with your little one

You can say no and it’s okay

Learn to ask for help

Tips for starting your own blog

Don’t overload your plate

Pick one social media channel only and really nail it

Be as authentic and yourself and you can be


Where to find Carly




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