Get Your Glow Back – Episode 25 – With Pandora Paloma

Pandora is an intuitive living coach who is on a mission to help us rediscover our inner wisdom, to fully accept ourselves and heal our relationships with food and rediscover our mind-body connection. I absolutely loved recording this episode with Pandora, here are my notes on the episode and all the fantastic knowledge she shared. 

Intuitive eating: 

Many of us have a dysfunctional relationship with food, often we can view foods in a negative way way, or even a paradoxical negative and positive way: it’s delicious but it’s naughty/ it’s my guilty pleasure. 

For those of us who already have a dysfunctional relationship with food it is important to understand what the real issues are, what we are seeking in the foods whether that is comfort, boredom, distraction so that we can heal our relationship with food and reconnect to our inner wisdom.

For many, food is an element of control in life which needs to be released by nurturing and healing our inner child.

When we bring ourselves back into a place of self acceptance we are able to eat freely and in line with what our body needs.

According to intuitive living it is important from a young age to not view or label foods as good or bad.

Honour your hunger: 

If hunger is a 0-10 scale we should aim to always sit between a 3 and a 7 so that we are always able to make the best choices when it comes to what we are eating.

What if I just eat burgers, chips and cake everyday? 

People who have previously lived by set rules for healthy living are terrified that if they break these rules or guidelines they will eat only burgers, chips, cakes all the time. In reality, if you are eating intuitively you will want the foods that make you feel good. It is about finding balance and trusting ourselves to lead us to our healthiest self. 

Leaving Diet Culture Behind

Stepping away from diet culture can make us an ‘other’ but once you make the leap it is exhilarating and exciting

It’s easier to follow a rule manual than to trust yourself, if we think it’s so complicated it can be comforting – I don’t look like Gisele because I don’t follow the rules 100%

Find out why do you really want to look a certain way? Because you think it’ll make you feel good or be happy, the chances are losing weight or changing your appearance won’t make you happy in the long term, find out what really will?

Get rid of guilt: activate Vitamin P – pleasure

By making the most of our eating experiences, through being present we can reframe the situation from I ate too much I feel guilty to I had a great meal with people I love in a great place and I really enjoyed it

How to start loving your self

self love is a hard thing to come by, focus of self acceptance first and work towards self love

A great place to start is to recognise how amazing our body is and take emphasis away from what it looks like! 

Protect yourself by learning to say no and set boundaries/limits, forgiving others and yourself, allow yourself mistakes as moments to learn from 

Find the beauty in your uniqueness – it would be boring if we all looked the same, even if we all ate the exact same diet and did the exact same exercise routine we would still all look different

Don’t fight against your body, your body wants to be where it is so juts allow it to be 

Managing Comparison: 

All of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to others but it’s important to remember the grass isn’t always greener, sometimes it’s that we aren’t looking after our own garden.

Mirroring: people trigger us because they force us to reflect on ourselves, acknowledging the WHY to overcome it 

Taming the inner critic: 

We all have our own ‘Neggy Nancy’ the negative doubting inner voice  

To overcome her, create a safe space for conversation with your inner critic

Dealing with the immediacy of modern life: 

We are so used to everything being immediate that we don’t give ourselves the space to reflect of be still. 

This can lead to increased stress which leads to an increase in ghrelin and may lead to increased hunger but its not food that is the problem its the stress, you will stop overeating when you manage the stress 

Nurturing your child’s intuition and raising intuitive eaters:

The importance of setting an example to your children, emotional food connection begins in childhood, so it is really important to be mindful of how we speak about food in front of our children

Retraining from customs i.e. finish plate for dessert, needing something sweet on a plate, treat, guilty pleasures. – limit those words

Have different foods on the table – allow them to choose what they want 

Kids are intuitive by nature with foods

Negating words like fat or thin

Asking them what they want, what do you want to eat, do you want this cuisine? 

We teach our kids about body image through how we treat ourselves, they pick up on it and copy us. 

No kids food and adults food just food all eat the same 

How to connect back to our inner wisdom:

Look at when you didn’t use your intuition in the past and ignored it or when you did and what the consequences were

Fear often wants to get involved but fear is always focused on the past/future whereas intuition lives in the present 

Finding a bit of silence to reflect and listen, meditation can help or journalling is also a great way to offload and reflect to understand situations better

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