Get Your Glow Back – Episode 24 – With Venetia Falconer

Episode 24: Slowing Down Fast Fashion with Venetia Falconer

I hope you loved this episode as much as I loved having this chat with my ever inspiring friend Venetia. I’m so proud to see how she is taking action for what she believes in and the difference she is making. We discussed a lot in this episode but here are my notes on the podcast. 

Top tips for conscious consumption: 

Where to begin:

  • Learn more about the fast fashion industry by watching  The True Cost on Netflix
  • Try a one month no buying challenge
  • Detox your wardrobe so you love everything in there
  • restyle what you have – spend the time you would spend trying outfits on in zara rejigging and planning outfits that already exist in your wardrobe
  • Organise a swap shop with friends


Reframe how you think about clothes

  • Old clothes are cool! Take pride in the fact your clothes have a story and memories attached to them
  • Venetia has started the #oootd (old outfit of the day) posts on instagram why not join
  • Instead of seeing shopping as an experience or retail therapy focus on experiences which give you that happiness hit in a more full and nourishing way like seeing friends, chatting to your family, meditating, doing yoga, sharing a meal with a loved one, taking the time to cook something delicious. 


What about when you really need to buy something?

  • Second hand buys when necessary
  • Be conscious in your choices, educate yourself on the best option i.e. vintage leather may be a better option than new vegan leather which is made of plastic and the same goes for vintage fur vs. new faux fur. 
  • The key is, only buy things you absolutely love, that make you feel like Beyonce whenever you were them, that you will love and wear forever


How to spot the real from the fakes when it comes to ‘sustainable’ brands

  • Sustainable is not a protected title so has sadly become a bit of a buzzword for brands looking to market themselves
  • Are they constantly updating their items? If yes it’s probably not sustainable
  • Is just one line a ‘sustainable’ one surrounded by loads of other unsustainable products?
  • Are they encouraging mass consumption?
  • Are they encouraging fast consumption?
  • A brand which is often sold out, stocks only a few products, encourages less consumption and for products to last, outlines their commitment to sustainability and what they are doing openly.
  • Check out apps such as good to know


Other tips: 

  • Wash your clothes less!
  • washing clothes (especially gym gear made from synthetic fibres) can leak microplastics into the water supply, you can use a guppy friend bag to combat this


Mental Health and Anxiety: 

  • Reframe your anxiety as a message to slow down
  • Find practices which make things better for you whether that’s getting outside, exercising, meditating, breathwork, eating good food.
  • The power of limiting social media: Venetia has started offline48 which is a fantastic and life enhancing decision to take part in a weekly digital detox every weekend to be more present. 
  • Be aware of the dangers of comparison on social media, whatever your weak spot is you will find someone to compare to on social media

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