Get Your Glow Back – With Jillian Lavender – Episode 20

What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is one of the oldest meditation techniques in the world. And it’s perfect for busy, modern life. You sit comfortably in a chair, close the eyes, and silently think a simple sound called a mantra. The mantra quiets the mind, and very quickly the body is resting more deeply than sleep.


It’s easy – anyone can do it.  It feels good – you’ll want to do it every day.


What are the main benefits?

– less stress and anxiety

– more focus and clarity

– better sleep and more energy

– improved health and slowing down of the ageing process

– smoother, more easy relationships


In short, what are the steps to get started/ implement it into life?

Step 1: We offer a free one hour talk to explain the technique, how it’s taught, and what the benefits are. We also explain how the course works.

Step 2: The meditation course is then four sessions over four days, about two hours each day. You learn your personalised mantra and how to use it on the very first day. Then we explore deeply how to fit regular meditation into your life, what happens when you do it, and the effect of continuing to meditate over time. At the end of four sessions, you’re an expert meditator.



Misunderstanding of actually having thoughts whilst meditating.

Jillian has never had a meditation without a thought and she has meditated for over 20 years


Don’t have time? Why not? Think about how long you spend on your screen and see that you probably do have enough time to spare even 10 minutes to meditate. When you invest that 20 minutes, the return on that investment is huge…. Clearer head, more energised, less snappy, better mood, more adaptable to situations…


CHILDREN & Meditation


They can start at 6 years old

until age 9 or 10 they can do it with their eyes open.

They can do it alongside their parents

no pressure needed



When they are 10,11,12 years

10 – 10 minutes , once of twice a day

There is so much going on between 10-20 years, it could be hugely beneficial

Especially during this exam time and figuring out self identity.

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