Get Your Glow Back – Episode 2 – With Emma Ross

Get Your Glow Back – Episode 2 – With Emma Ross

Hey lovely people.


Did you know, three billion nappies a year end up in landfill?!


The wonderful Emma Ross is a London based mum of 2, a sustainability guru and blogger. She is super passionate about low-waste, plastic free parenting and strives to help, guide and inspire parents to a more sustainable life for our future generation.


Emma, also known as @mamalina , she loves yoga, loves curries and is a woman who wants to do her best as a mum just like we all do. But what I love about Emma is her utter passion and love for the earth, she really makes sustainable parenting look easy and personally introduced me to reusable nappies, which I still love and use to this day.


What inspired me most about Emma, is how she wasn’t born plastic free, neither was it ingrained into her from a young age, instead something sparked inside of her when she became a mother, she wanted to encourage change and she wanted to go against the grain and parent her way! This is such an important message to all mums, to parent your way and do what you believe is best for you child.


Here are some of things I learnt from this podcast and sustainable companies she introduced me to:


Reusable Nappies by Bambino

Fibre Cloth Baby Wipes 

Wipes/house wipes/kitchen wipes: Use a old cut up of towels!

Food Wraps (instead of clingfilm) by BeesWraps


Some of Emmas Favourite Clothing Brands:

Lucy & Yak



Kids Clothes:


Monty and Co


Bulk Food:





Homemade Cleaning Spray:

White vinegar, water, bicarbonate soda and citrus peel.


As always I hope you enjoyed this podcast and learnt as much as I did.

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Lots of love,

Madeleine. Xx


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