Get Your Glow Back – With Dr Anita Mitra  – Episode 10

Get Your Glow Back – With Dr Anita Mitra – Episode 10


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I’m so so excited to get stuck into this amazing, insightful episode with Dr.Anita Mitra, also known as Gynae Geek!! London based doctor, specifically trained in academic research and clinical medicine. She is the author of the Gynae geek, no nonsense guide to down there, health care


Today we talked through all things vaginal health, from fertility to menopause, why you don’t need to shave your vagina, PCOS and so much more. Here are some of the main takeaways. 


What is a normal menstrual cycle?


  • So the average menstrual cycle is 28 days long, but only 15% of people have this cycle . However, 7 days either side of that is normal.
  • It should be regular.
  • Irregular means you can’t predict when your period is going to be
  • Lasts 3-5 ish days
  • It shouldn’t be too heavy or too painful (but it is normal to be a bit uncomfortable) – big clots and lots of them and constantly changing pads is a heavy period – if it’s concerning speak to a GP or friend


Why Not To Feel Shy When Your Vaginas Getting Checked


  • We’ve seen hundreds and hundreds
  • Everyone is normal
  • No vagina is the same
  • Instagram: Vulvar gallery (pics of v’s)
  • You don’t need to WAX OR SHAVE



Joes Trust found that one of the main reasons why people don’t want to get screened is because of having to remove their hair




Is Polycystic ovary syndrome – a common condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work

Which can often mean Irregular or no period

Signs of too much male hormones (acne, baldness, oily skin.. etc) – this can be shown in a blood test, so do ask your GP if you’re worried

It can also mean a lot of cysts on your ovaries


PCOS -How to Manage It –  Lifestyle Modification –


Stress: relaxing and taking time for yourself


Food: not as much high sugar, high salt, high fat foods – loads of fresh fruit and veg, green veggies and fibre!! Keep it diverse and try probiotic or fermented foods

Exercise: try less HITT, more weights or light cardio

Look at everything holistically and as a whole


Repairing Our Vaginas


  • Use pads
  • Let the blood come out
  • Loose Vagina: pelvic floor exercises
  • Remember it won’t just pop back to normal


Vaginal Dryness:


  • Don’t be afraid to use lubricants (company called YES)
  • See your GP if you’re worried about the dryness
  • Talk to your partner about it
  • Sometimes probiotics!
  • Look into your diet!
  • Wash with just water


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