Eat intuitively

Eat intuitively


Since its 2016 I feel like it’s the time to make changes. One of my New Years resolutions is to be more experimental with foods. Often when we start eating healthily we cut out everything and eat a more limited diet of kale, quinoa, nuts etc.. however these foods might not work for you. If quinoa bloats you then don’t eat it, it might not be right for your body.

This goes to same with cutting out foods like rice, bread, dairy and meat. They have all been given bad press but if you get the right quality and it feels good for your body – well then it’s right for you. They are whole foods that can be very nourishing.

So how do you know what works for you?

Experiment. Cut the culprit out for 2 weeks see how you feel then introduce it back in if you don’t get any kind of reaction then it’s probably fine. It’s best to keep as many different types of food in your diet. The more you cut out of your diet the more sensitive you can become to food.

I’m trying to bring in more grains including gluten containing grains like rye and spelt. I have always promoted gluten free and I really do feel that it helps with digestion and can cause problems for many people. However I’ve been experimenting with adding them in my diet once or twice a week and I feel great and it seems to really be working for me!

I hope this inspires you to experiment with what works for you.

Have you been experimenting with what foods work for you? Comment below I’d love to hear your experiences…

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