Daylesford Discusses: Food and Beauty

Daylesford Discusses: Food and Beauty

On Monday 17th June, I’m joining the panel for Daylesford Discusses: Food and Beauty. I’m so excited to be joining the most incredible panel for this discussion hosted by Daylesford at Daylesford Brompton Cross.

I’ve been a huge fan of Daylesford for a really long time and was delighted when they invited me to talk about a topic I am so passionate about and am asked about all the time!

I definitely think it’s true that beauty comes from within and in the age where we are constantly bombarded with hundreds of products we should buy to be beautiful, confident, have perfect skin etc. I hope to empower you all with the knowledge that a holistic approach to beauty, including diet is such an amazing way to feel beautiful and get your glow!

Joining me on the panel are superstar dermotologist Anjali Mahto, Founder of Votary Skincare Arabella Preston, Eve Kalinik – fellow nutritional therapist and amazing advocate for gut health, as well as Daylesford’s own director of business development Louise Riby and Rhaya Jordan, Daylesford’s resident nutritionist.

It’s going to be such an interesting evening and I’m so happy to tell you that it’s totally FREE to attend! Just click this link to register. I can’t wait to discuss this fascinating topic with you all.

The event is also being screened live by @daylesfordfarm on instagram

Hope to see you there!

Madeleine xx

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