Breaking old habits and starting anew

Breaking old habits and starting anew


Bad habits….we all have them. Whether it’s nibbling your nails, late night Instagram scrolling or guzzling down that bottle of wine each night, we all form bad habits over time. What’s important is that we acknowledge them – this is the first step to make a change, breaking old habits and starting anew.

Remember: “To change your life, Change your habits”

Here are a few steps that may be useful in setting up new habits for yourself.

1. Set a realistic target or goal that requires breaking old habits.

This could be anything from, let’s say, swapping soft drinks for water, to eating at the table instead of in front of the TV – and it doesn’t have to be health-related!

2. Find your triggers.

What is it that makes you commit to this way of doing something? Maybe you don’t keep water around because other options are more convenient, or maybe you just need to set aside some time for yourself and take a moment to eat mindfully, without any distractions. Whatever it is, finding the cause will help you to tackle it head-on.

3. Start off by making small changes.

It is so difficult to try and simply cut everything out or to change everything over night – instead, take smaller steps towards your goals and changing your lifestyle

4. Plan for what it is that you’re going to do – or not do – in order to achieve your goal.

Make it enjoyable and sustainable! To drink more water, it could be infusing your water with chopped fruit. The delicious taste will be irresistible and you will soon be much more inclined to swap the sugar-filled soft drinks with yummy flavoured water. Or simply, turn off the TV and really enjoy every flavour in each mouthful of food, and remember to chew chew chew!

5. Practice self-love.

Remember that breaking old habits is a process and along your journey you may face hurdles… just keep going and remember that we are all human and it may take time – but it is so worth it!

Have you successfully changed any habits? Let me know by leaving a comment below..

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