Best at Home Massages

Best at Home Massages


I, like you, find life is so busy. I’m working hard and trying to balance that with being a good girlfriend, friend and family member.

I noticed that I really haven’t being giving myself any self love recently. When I work hard, all the self care things seem to go out the window…as “I never have enough time”

However, with the amazing creation of digital beauty therapists now come to your house! Yes, you can relieve your stress without out even having to leave the door! There is something dreamy about having a massage in your bedroom before you go to bed, and I find that I slept so well.

I have tried out a few at home massages and have written about my favourites below.

1. Ruuby ( wellness concierge app )

Best for – relaxation

I had my massage by Nina, who was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and brought amazing smelling oils. I asked for a relaxing massage which I really needed that day. Although she was gentle she got down deep into my shoulder blades which needed some work due to my constant phone posture.

Ruuby dont just do massages they also do – and manicures, drips and juice cleanses, so there is lots of fun to be had!

2. Urban Massage – at home massage website

Best for: back pain

This massage was just what I needed, I had been really struggling with back pain that week and was in agony. I’ve never had back pain before but the more time I spend on my phone and computer the more I feel it.

Kasha my therapist was unbelievably warm she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. She listened to what was going on for me and work on my shoulder blades for half the session. I felt so restored afterwards – like a new woman.

3. Priv – beauty app

Best for: energy boosting

I have used Priv for a while now, it has been my go to mani and pedi app that allows me to have perfectly polished nails while catching up with a new episode of humans (so addicted).

I’d never considered having a massage from them, but it was great and by a gorgeous masseuse. Having a man in your home when you’re naked on a bed can be intimidating but he was really lovely and professional. The massage was the perfect blend of relaxation release and revitalisation. I left feeling amazing, after a funny moment when my boyfriend came into our room to find me lying in a towel in with another man. Next time I’ll let him know I’m getting a massage!

I felt incredibly energised after the massage ready to take on the world.
An at home massage can be a really nice gift for someone you love or a great treat for yourself!

Have you had a massage at home? let me know if you have any recommendations I LOVE hearing from you, leave a comment below…

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