Thank you so much for dropping in. I hope it brings you a world of health and happiness.

My get-the-glow philosophy is all about enjoying what makes you feel happy and healthy.

I think of health about being more than what you eat and how much you exercise – I call my three pillars move, munch and meditate. In my book, meditation doesn’t have to involve ommm-ing, it could be mindful colouring or maybe a walk. The important thing is to make time to relax to balance out all the go-go-go in our lives.

Getting the glow changes how we look and feel and even how we think. I want to show you how eating well, moving more and calming down can make you feel happy to be you.

I wasn’t always this healthy. In fact, as a teenager I ate really badly and was constantly on a diet. My skin was dull, my hair was lank and I constantly complained of being tired. Unsurprisingly, living off diet cola and low-calorie ready meals meant I developed terrible digestive problems: bloating, cramps and all sorts.

Gradually, I realised I had to change my destructive ways. I learnt to cook and started eating whole foods and found I was gradually falling in love with food, life, and most important of all, myself.

My taste buds bloomed, that 4pm energy slump was eliminated, my skin began to glow, calorie counting went out the window and I beamed from ear to ear. All that came from giving my body what it needs! It’s such a good feeling. 

I studied nutrition, coaching people who wanted to eat well, and started creating my own glow-getting recipes. I started this website to share my passion for delicious and nutritious food with you.

I want to show you how easy it is to eat good food, to stretch out and make time to relax. This isn’t a diet; getting the glow is a way of life. I love to see pictures of your recipe recreations and find out how you’re learning to glow from the inside out, so please do pop over to Instagram and say hi.

Madeleine x



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