7 Tips to Make Tomorrow Easier

7 Tips to Make Tomorrow Easier

When I’ve got a lot going on, my head spins before bed and messes with my sleep. But through trial and error, I’ve discovered 7 tips to make tomorrow easier – I’ve learnt the hard way, so hopefully you won’t have to!

Here’s what works for me:

1.     I make my breakfast menu

Food always makes me feel excited, so planning a delicious breakfast gives me something to look forward to – even if I’m slightly dreading the rest of the day! If I’ve got a quick turnaround in the morning I’ll prepare a bircher with oats, almond milk, chia seeds and frozen berries and leave it in the fridge overnight to soak. Yum! If you need more persuasion, here are my recipes for Strawberries & Cream Oats, Peanut Butter Oats and Chocolate Banana Oats.

2.     I time block

Instead of writing a normal to-do list, I think about the best time to do everything I need to get done. So for example I’ll allocate two hours in the morning to do creative things – for me that’s cooking – then I’ll block out an hour of my afternoon to blitz emails, because that’s the kind of task I can chug through when my energy is lower. Being realistic about what I can get done 24 hours eases my mind and lets me fall asleep faster.

3.     I maximise my mum time

My son Shay has recently started nursery and during the day I can’t help but miss him. I prep his milk and lay out his clothes ready so I can max out on the quality time we share in the morning – I want to be enjoying cuddles not running around the house trying to find his shoes.

4.     Bring joy to your commute

I have yet to meet someone who claims to love commuting! But there are things we can do to make being stuffed under someone’s armpit in a crowded train easier. Like spraying them with deodorant. Joking. Sorta. Seriously though, if you download a podcast or make a playlist tonight, then your commute tomorrow could be cheerier.

5.     I have a mini spa

When I take a minute before bed to massage a thin layer of my Glow-Co-Nuts face mask into my skin, my complexion immediately feels plumper and more hydrated. I pay special attention to my jaw, massaging away the knots that tighten up there so I can rest easier. Since I’ve been using Glow-Co-Nuts  I’ve definitely needed less make-up in the mornings because I look more glowy.

6.     I do yoga in bed

That’s nowhere near as athletic as it sounds! I lie in bed with my bum against the headboard and my legs up the wall – it’s my favourite restorative yoga move! If I’m ever feeling too energetic and jumpy I find that yoga pose calming and restorative.

7.     I meditate for 10 minutes

If, after all that prep and pampering, my thoughts are still racing, I switch off with a little meditation session. Focusing on nothing but my breath flowing in and out of my body calms my mind and sends me smoothly off to sleep. If you fancy giving it a go, I’m giving 50% off my meditation package this week – enter the code MEDITATE50 at checkout then download yourself a good night’s sleep!


What are your top tips for making tomorrow easier? I always love listening to your advice so pop over to Instagram and tell me in the comments!

Love, Madeleine xx

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