7 Sunday Rituals That Make The Week Ahead So Much Easier

7 Sunday Rituals That Make The Week Ahead So Much Easier

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Sundays have become very sacred to me. Not only is it precious time I get to spend with my boys, but it’s also time for me to set myself up for the week and beat off the Monday blues. Which is why I want to share with you my 7 Sunday Rituals That Make The Week Ahead So Much Easier so hopefully you can beat off the Monday blues too. I hope you enjoy…



As well as writing a general day and weekly plan (including work, Shay and social life), writing in my diary when and what exercise I’m doing is SO key for me to do on a Sunday. This is due to 2 things…

1) it makes me feel motivated and pumped for the week
2) it means I will definitely  go – once it’s in my diary it’s like a meeting and I make it a priority to go.


2.    TLC

Self love Sundays are where it’s at. Making sure you give yourself some TLC on a Sunday will start off your week the right way. Personally, I like to do a face mask (Origins new Charcoal Honey Mask ). Whilst my mask is on I sit there and belly breathe letting out any worries. Just by giving myself 15 minutes to shave, moisturise or exfoliate, it puts an extra spring in my step Monday morning!



I like to lay out my clothes and think about outfits for the week. It not only makes the morning so much easier and quicker, it also means when it comes to getting dressed in the morning I feel so much better in myself.  Just knowing that I am happy with what I’ve got on and that I don’t look like I got dressed in the dark . This happens a lot, trust me.


4.    MEAL PREP (of course)

Of course, meal prep is a Sunday must. Do your Sunday shop and stock the fridge full for the week using a list you wrote. Grab lots of smoked mackerel and avocado’s, as these are quick foods that you can whack together of an evening. I often find I get more than I need, but I also buy reusable freezer bags  so nothing goes to waste!



I don’t know about you, but I always have so many nuts, fluffy bits and old receipts rustling at the bottom of my bag at the end of the week . Gross I know. Which is why I use Sundays to have a good old clear out. I throw away old bits and only have what I need in there. Tidy bag, tidy mind!



Set yourself an intention for the week. This could be things like… “I will be more kind to myself” “I’ll go to bed at 10pm each night”, whatever you want to be better at. Writing down goals in your notepad is great motivation and feels awesome when you achieve them.


7.     WIND DOWN

Now for each person, winding down will be different. But it will normally be what relaxes your brain the most. This may be reading a book (I’m loving WTF should I eat atm), meditating , watching easy TV or listening to a podcast in your garden. By getting your body and mind into sleep mode, it will make dozing off so much easier!


How do you get ready for the week ahead?

I’d love to know, come and chat with me on Instagram and tell me all.

Lots of love

Madeleine x

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