7 Life changing tips to help you manage and alleviate PCOS

Madeleine Shaw

I have had a weird period cycle for as long as I can remember. When I came off the pill a few years ago I lost my periods for over a year. It was pretty scary and the fearful thought of “what if I can’t have children” started to plague me. I investigated further and found I had PCOS. To the horror of a quick google search I started to panic. However, through eating well and using alternative medicine I have managed to get my periods more regular and balance my hormones. When I started to open my eyes to PCOS I realised I wasn’t to only one going through this so I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful people I’ve met along my journey. I’m very excited to share another one of my ‘7 Life Changing Tips…’ series with you. This time Gemma Ireland from Bodyflow shares her 7 Tips to help you manage and alleviate PCOS.

My motherhood dreams were shattered at the young age of 17, following a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis by a Gynecologist who said that I would never have a child. Against all the odds given, I was determined to prove this wrong. With the help of Reflexology and altering my diet and lifestyle, I felt I might one day be a mother. These conditions plagued me and became part of my life for several years, but I continued to follow the lifestyle and treatment I sensed were going to help my body to prepare for pregnancy. My tenacity proved me right; I am now a mother of a gorgeous 7-year-old boy and no longer suffer from either of them.

As a Reflexologist for the past 16 years, I have specialized in helping balance my clients’ systems that suffer from PCOS, fertility issues and so many other imbalances in the body. I have brought much happiness altering these problems…the natural way!

1. Firstly get your hormone and insulin levels checked

Insulin is a hormone that regulates the workings of the body, converting glucose to energy and breaking down foods, especially carbohydrates. With PCOS it is highly important to make sure these are regulated, otherwise the excess insulin signals the ovaries to work overtime which secretes testosterone. This produces side effects such as increased hair growth, acne, weight gain, skin tags, fatty liver and high cholesterol, polycystic ovaries and an irregular menstrual cycle, not to mention increased hunger levels and cravings. Too much insulin in the blood stream makes the ovaries release more oestrogen, which can suppress ovulation.
Eat yourself healthy

2. Eating 5 small meals a day is the tonic

This will keep the insulin on an agreeable level. Balance slow release, low GI carbs – I completely cut out dairy and wheat 20 years ago – with the equal amount of healthy fats, – avocado’s, nuts, seeds, oils, oily fish – organic protein and eat plenty of green leafy veg and fruit. Cut out refined sugars, dairy, wheat, soy, caffeine and any stimulants and be sure to chew your food slowly and enjoy it. Replace with spelt, oats, quinoa, goats milk, almond milk, coconut sugar/syrup, green tea – it does have caffeine though – and herbs teas!

3. Take the correct herbs and supplements

It is very important with PCOS to take the right supplements to help aid the body’s process of elimination and also the workings of the organs. Some useful ones, if you would like to take them are: a multi vitamin and mineral, omegas, cod liver oil, chromium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and vit d. I love the brand Biocare; it is very gentle on the system and always in capsule form, enabling it to enter into the bloodstream quicker.

4. Reduce your stresses and toxins!

Stress plays a major part in most peoples’ lives these days, so always be sure to adapt your lifestyle where possible. Take time for yourself, be mindful, exercise, breathe, do yoga, eat well and organic where possible, hydrate and reduce toxins, smile and get lots of sleep.

5. Moderation is the key

Life should be enjoyed and without too many restrictions, do everything in moderation. Don’t be under or over-weight, don’t over exercise, over eat, over work, over stress and overestimate the power of the body! Please don’t overdo the gym, 2/3 times a week is plenty. Yoga, Pilates, meditation and swimming are wonderfully gentle. Move your body every day and maintain a good healthy body weight.

6. Keep the mind in check

Getting out the house every day for a brisk walk in the park is essential for keeping the mind in check, breathe in the air and fill your body with new positive energy. You will heal naturally, so be gentle on yourself and be kind to others. We were put on this earth with no medical intervention and are bodies are designed to heal themselves…lets make them do just that!

7. Reflexology is the key to balancing and healing the body!

Reflexology is magically impressive. All nerve-endings go to our feet and hands and by having regular treatment creates a powerful and healing effect in our bodies. PCOS can be helped enormously by having a course of treatment, also providing a sense of calm in the body can help balance the endocrine system and discourage PCOS. This in turn helps to encourage fertility and regulate periods. PCOS will be greatly reduced and eased by Reflexology and I am the result of just that.

Sorry Specialist you weren’t right, the body can heal itself with no medical invention!

Thanks Gemma for those amazing tips!

Do you suffer with PCOS? What are your tips for managing and alleviating symptoms?

Gemma Ireland MAR is the Co-Founder and Director of  Bodyflow, which is a highly professional and friendly health and well-being company that have a fantastic team of the best therapists and teachers in London providing luxurious treatments and classes brought to the comfort and warmth of your own home.

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