7 life changing tips: to preserve and optimise your fertility

Here is another great addition to my ‘7 life changing tips’ series. This time our tips come from Emma Cannon, Fertility and Pregnancy expert. Emma is an incredible acupuncturist, a beautiful woman inside and out and campaigner for fertility. So here are her 7 life changing tips to preserve and optimise fertility

1) Protect yourself from STD’s

It is estimated that 1/4 of all fertility problems are caused by STD’s.  For example- Chlamydia can lie completely undetected with no symptoms and lead to blockages in the fallopian tubes if not diagnosed. Sheaf contraception, such as condoms, offer protection and regular tests will mean that if you have contracted anything then you can get early treatment which might help a condition develop into something more serious and harder to treat

2) Don’t smoke

Smoking accounts for 13% of the world’s infertility and ages you by 10 years in terms of fertility. Smokers are 30 per cent less fertile than non-smokers, and three times more likely to take more than a year to get pregnant. Ovarian function can be affected, interfering with the release of an egg and the womb lining can become thinner over time.  Smokers go into the menopause on average 3 years sooner than non-smokers and have lower fertilisation rates in IVF.

3) Don’t compare yourself to other people and let go of control

When you actually reach the time you’re ready to start trying for a baby forget about other friends in the same situation.  It can be stressful seeing others fall pregnant when it’s not happening for you, so my advice is that you relax and just concentrate on yourself.

4) Keep your body fat in check – not too low not too high.

Both under and overweight issues have shown that they may impact on fertility later on.  Try to incorporate regular exercise that you enjoy into your life and take a careful look at your diet.  Obese women may have too much estrogen due to too much body fat, which can contribute to fertility problems. Equally low body fat can cause ovulation to stop.

5) Avoid sugar and limit alcohol

There is so much hidden sugar in our foods that sugar consumption is causing a multitude of health issues including fertility problems. Excess sugar in the diet tends to create too much Dampness in the body; this can lead to cysts forming and can impact of the regularity of ovulation.  Avoid low-fat foods these foods tend to have sugars in to improve the taste. My advise is chose full fat organic products, avoid sugar as much as possible and limit alcohol making sure you have eaten before you drink (this causes less disruption to the hormones).

6) Include good fats in the diet; oils like olive or linseed are ideal

Use cold-pressed oils that are stored in dark glass bottles and cold pressed under 30 degrees. Do not cook with these oils but use them to dress your food. The fats in these oils are known as omega oils (essential fatty acids EPA’s) and help reduce inflammation in the body which is part of many disease processes.

7) Understand your body and your cycles

Your menstrual cycle is the only outward sign we have of our fertility, it is like a wise friend telling us when things are out of kilter. By engaging and understanding our cycle we can tell a lot about our general health and fertility. In Chinese medicine a Dr can tell everything he needs to know about a woman’s health from her menstrual cycles alone. Keep a diary and make notes so that a Chinese medicine practitioner can help you understand your symptoms.

Emma Cannon is an awesome fertility and pregnancy expert, author, acupuncturist and founder of The Fertility Rooms, find out more here….


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