5 Ways To Reset After A Big Weekend

5 Ways To Reset After A Big Weekend

Hey beautiful!

I had the most amazing weekend at my friend Millie’s hen – what an epic party! Prosecco, penis cupcakes, laughing until my sides hurt… it’s certainly not sugar-free but feeling carefree is so good for the soul, and that’s healthy in my book!

But afterwards, when you’re a little bit hungover and tempted to dig into more of those cupcakes with their inch-thick icing for breakfast, you might need a little helping hand to get back to healthy. So here’s how I reset after a big weekend:


When you’ve drunk all the prosecco, you’ll know to keep hydrated. But did you know that a hangover isn’t just about alcohol, it’s about your blood sugar? To balance yours, try eating protein with every meal – try scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast – and taking a chromium supplement. Other people swear by taking milk thistle but it’s never worked for me.


But how, when your sugar cravings are going through the roof and you just want to eat more, more, more? I think one of the best things to help you feel better is to clear your cupboards – you know you’ll be tempted – and make a healthy meal plan for the week ahead. Merely thinking about cooking Vegan Mac’n’Cheese tonight and my Vegetarian Paella with Roast Peppers, Peas & Potatoes tomorrow makes me feel better, as I have a healthy action plan in place. It’s so satisfying to fill my kitchen with lovely healthy ingredients! I also fast for 14 hours overnight, as practising intermittent fasting gives my digestive system a break.


I feel like eating a lot more when I’m tired – a side-effect of going to bed in the small hours! So the next day I don’t push myself to do too many things. Unfortunately Shay didn’t share my mission to prioritise rest after Millie’s hen, so we compromised by going for a gentle walk in the park together. I find being out in the fresh air more energising than lying on the sofa, when I’d just be thinking about snacks anyway!


One weird consequence of a big weekend is sore muscles, so I spritz Better You Magnesium Oil onto my neck and shoulders to relax them. I also take Lion Heart High Strength Omega 3 to reduce inflammation and a probiotic like Rhythm Coconut Kefir to give love to my partied-out gut.


You’re getting back into a healthy groove simply by reading this, right now, so don’t give yourself a hard time for all the fun you had! Overindulging on alcohol and sugar can contribute to negativity, but remember that your body detoxes itself brilliantly every, and it doesn’t take long to get back into a healthy routine. I practice extra self-care after a big weekend, so I’ll use my hydrating coconut face mask Glow-Co-Nuts to get moisture back into my skin. I also use  affirmations to get into a positive mindset. “I am good enough” is my favourite, as well as “I am healthy” – anything that you want to believe about yourself, you can become!

Love, Madeleine xx

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