5 Tips to Top Self Esteem and Confidence in Your Body This Summer


I’m beyond thrilled to have a wonderful guest post for you today! You might remember last year I did a series of ‘7 life changing tips’ where the wonderful Jacqueline Hurst gave us some of her top tips for a healthy body image. This time she’s back helping us to feel confident and proud of our bodies with her 5 tips to top self esteem and confidence in your body this summer:

Having helped thousands of women, with creating a better body image and quit emotional eating, the words that come out my mouth daily are that having a good body starts in the mind.  As the summer draws nearer it is even more important to be filled with confidence and a high self esteem this summer.

I teach my client’s that it’s not only exercising your body that will help, but most importantly exercising your mind to find acceptance and love towards your body.   I teach my clients and students the opposite of what society is telling them to do. Society tells us to not like ourselves purely from a marketing and advertising perspective so we buy their things to feel ‘good enough’.   The truth is you are good enough right now at this moment and as soon as you learn that body confidence comes not from your figure, but from your thoughts, you’re half way there.

When I give talks I often say to the audience ‘if we as women, chose to accept and love our bodies today just as they are, how many businesses would go out of business’ the room usually falls about laughing as it’s so true! We live in a world that is very dysfunctional about what we should look like placing higher priority on the size of our body than the kindness of our soul.

Society’s dysfunctional view on body image is rife and we are bombarded with what we should look like, but that does not mean the battle is lost. It means we have to learn how to manage our mind and make better choices for ourselves.

If you really want to feel confident about your body this summer, believing you have a good body comes from having a good brain. It really is that simple.

I’ve seen so many women with fantastic and unique figures and sizes yet they feel utterly miserable and totally insecure about their body all because of incessant negative inner chat.

Negative self talk is unkind and rude: you wouldn’t talk to your best friend like that would you? So maybe it’s not a good idea to speak like that to yourself.

Quite. So I want to hand over my thinking woman’s guide to boosting your body confidence – the tried and tested rules I hand over to all of my clients suffering from a lack of body confidence….


Here’s how to think yourself body beautiful in five easy smart steps:

1. Mind over matter: if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter

Think about being 20 years older than you are right now. Would you like it if you looked back and thought : “I wish I had been happier in my skin and appreciated the body I had 20 years ago” or would you prefer to look back and think: “I had the best time on that beach at that party/on that date.” Thinking with the benefit of hindsight gives us a better sense of perspective about what we should be minding, and what really matters.


2.Your body is more than what it looks like

Our bodies were designed to function, think of the amazing ways your body has been good to you – it allows you to train hard, party hard and move around effortlessly! Celebrate your body and all the incredible things it can do, take care of it and it takes care of you.


3. Remember a beautiful thing is never perfect

Perfection is dull, if not impossible – do get real, it’s rare that even the models you see in magazines look like that themselves. Being happy with your body doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It simply means you’ve chosen to embrace your imperfections. It means the bump at the bridge of your nose is a beautiful, fabulous part of you as you are, being real. Every day practice looking at yourself in the mirror and being grateful for the body you have. It’s an incredibly powerful exercise and sends all the right kind of empowering messages to your brain.


4. To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are

We are all unique. Fall in love with your uniqueness and remember we’re all different so there’s absolutely no point in comparing yourself to other women. Compare and despair is not the most fun way to live your life. Don’t give in to an inferiority complex, or let your body confidence become dependent on those around you. Remember too, you never really know what others are thinking; they could be looking at you wishing they had your legs, stomach and bottom.


5. Invest in clothes that make you feel fabulous

You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds here, but investing a little time into buying some great clothes can help you begin to appreciate your body. Wearing the right clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel amazing, rather than the tight and uncomfortable clothes that inevitably leave you feeling insecure, really helps you look at your body in a kinder, healthier way.


Jacqueline Hurst, a Master Life Coach, public speaker, therapist, and founder of The Life Class giving us her 7 life changing tips for a healthier body image.

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