5 Tips To Help Get Yourself Back To The Gym

5 Tips To Help Get Yourself Back To The Gym

Getting psyched about going back to the gym is one of the hardest things! Especially when it’s miserable outside, I just want to stay hibernating in my warm bed. Here are 5 tips which help me get myself back into the routine of going to the gym:

Pack a bag the night before

Think of it just like food prep, getting yourself ready the night before will help get you into the exercising mindset. Before you go to bed get all your gym gear together and in a bag by the front door ready for you to pick up and go!

Take a buddy

Sometimes the thought of trudging on the treadmill by yourself is enough to put you off, so buddy up and have a little natter while walking around the park. The other way of avoiding that gym boredom is to join a class. There are so many classes available both indoors and outdoors which get you moving and a great opportunity to meet people too – bonus!

Incorporate exercise into your everyday

Just raising your heart rate is enough, and you don’t need to move much to make that happen. Just walking around the supermarket is enough to get your blood pumping! So, try taking the stairs instead of the lift, squat while you are taking your makeup off or work those arms by holding them out to the side and rotating while watching TV – see how long you can go!

Set an alarm on the hour

At Glow HQ we have an alarm which goes off every hour and we’ll do a quick workout, I know this seems impossible but we keep it really simple: 10 squats at 10am, 11 lunges at 11am and so on… It’s great fun and just gives you a little boost and gets that blood pumping and really wakes you up! This may not be easy to do if you work in a busy office; so, get up and walk to the kettle, do some leg rotations under the desk and don’t forget your kegels!

Set yourself an achievable goal

I always find that booking a holiday is a sure-fire way to get my butt back to the gym! Having an event to look forward to; a wedding, a party or even a date is a great thing to use as motivation to get yourself back to the place you want to be.

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