5 Essential Supplements I Couldn’t Live Without

5 Essential Supplements I Couldn’t Live Without

Hey Beautiful

A common topic that I get asked about is supplements. Supplements are so important to me and I find help me maintain and improve my health. As much as possible, we try to get all our vitamins and nutrients from our food, but due to our soils being depleted and food being flown from far away it’s great to get a helping hand from a few key supplements. Here are my 5 everyday essential supplements beautiful:


Vitamin D – Better You

Vitamin D is essential for how our body functions, it helps with our immune system and our brain health. With the awesome weather we are experiencing at the moment in Britain, we are getting plenty of Vitamin D that’s for sure! However, it is a common deficiency so I believe it’s important to take all year round to keep our bodies and minds healthy and glowing. I like to take it in the form of a spray, it’s  absorbable and easy to take in the morning with breakfast. 


Magnesium Spray – Better You

Another common deficiency is magnesium. Magnesium is vital as it helps regulate mood, sleep patterns, reduces twitchy muscles and will help hormone pathways! However, it has been known to have a side effect of diarrhoea, so reduce the dose if this occurs . You can take an evening Epsom salt bath, 4 times a week, pour it in your bath and will absorb through your skin after 2 weeks. Or take it through magnesium citrate capsule, I use this spray just before bed.


Fish Oil

I remember my mum forcing me to take fish oil capsules when I was younger, it was the worst thing ever. However, I soon learnt how it important it is for brain power, keeping a healthy heart, lubrication of joints and for preventing inflammation. Though you can get it through fish and flaxseeds, it’s great to top it up if you’re not having these on a daily basis.

I take it with food, as it helps them digest better and keeps away the horrible fishy burp!NO_180x1000MG_FRONT

Probiotic – BioKult

My gut health is something that I have concentrated on for a long time, having suffered many gut problems throughout my life. So, probiotics for me is a must. It’s important for gut health, for your immunity and overall tummy relief. Your immunity relies on a healthy digestive system, as we don’t have enough good bacteria in our bodies, which may be due to factors like stress and sugar. Therefore, probiotics are a consistent way to help keep a balanced gut bacteria. Take it in the morning on an empty stomach. Don’t forget; happy gut happy life!


Zinc – Bio Care

Zinc is so important for healing wounds, reducing acne, immunity, fighting colds and is a great antioxidant. It also helps increase fertility and nutrient absorption as well. Often zin deficiency is shown by hormonal problems, infertility, hair loss, but always check with your doctor before self-diagnosing. Take this on an empty stomach before bed and off you drift to sleep, dreaming of a cold-free life.

qv0sx_BioCare Zinc Citrate

These are what I take, but the question is, what supplements do you take? I’d love to know so come and let me know on my Instagram . Let’s live a happy and healthy life!


Lots of love,


Madeleine. Xx

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