5 Apps To Help You De-Stress and Sleep Well

5 Apps To Help You De-Stress and Sleep Well

I’m an app fiend, I absolutely love having apps on my phone, I use them for everything; shopping, learning, getting places and even for relaxing.

Recently I’ve found so many apps that are really focused on wellness and helping you rest. Modern life can be so stressful and although an app won’t magically blast it away there are techniques that can help you cope with stress and as a result sleep better. Here are my top 5:

Glow Guides – to meditate

I might be biased with Glow Guides but I have so much feedback on how much it helps de-stress. Glow Guides is an 8 week transformational program and has 8 weeks’ worth of mediations, starting with only a few minutes building up to 10 minutes. It’s great for a beginner who wants to start meditating and needs some guidance. Meditation is amazing for de-stressing and calming your nervous system.

Find out more here – https://glow-guides.myshopify.com/

Calm – to wind down

Calm is also a great app for winding down, full of lovely meditations and mindfulness exercises. The app is super easy to use and packed full of loads of different techniques so you will find what works for you.

Hello Mind – feeling good

This app has loads of lovely lessons to make you feel more positive and happy within yourself. If you are needing a bit of a boost of positivity this is the app for you.

Yoga for Insomnia – to sleep well

With images of yoga exercises to help you wind down before bed this is perfect for anyone who struggles with sleep. I’m not a great sleeper and have really found this helpful when I’ve had a stressful day to wind down.

Worry Watch – for anxiety

A little place to note down your worries; whatever you are worried about. It helps you get it down on paper then you can come back to it later and work through it or see if it’s not worrying you as much. It’s pretty cool just seeing it there sometimes and after a few hours your worries don’t seem so all consuming and you can take a fresh pair of eyes to help sort it out.

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