3 ways to love your body as much as Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s

For many of us: we eat right, exercise daily and we still don’t feel sexy

We pinch our thighs, groan and whisper nasty comments about our silhouettes all day long.

We can be our own worst enemies.

When I first started to learn about self love I thought it was a bit silly. I thought to myself…”I love myself, I don’t need to work on this.” However I started to dig deeper and looked at my day to day life. I had picked up so many bad habits: whether it was throwing my clothes on the floor, comparing myself to other girls or feeding my body with the wrong kinds of foods. I started to see that these were unloving gestures lacking any real care.

However when I started to practise acts of love, I felt quite transformed.

I want to continuously write about this as I think it is the key to overall health and wellbeing! So lets take it slow…

Here is a little daily practice to help you start cultivating some self love into your day!

Step 1:

Start your day with a few deep breaths; we usually rush out of bed unconsciously scrambling around to get to work on time. Taking a few breaths and centering yourself can make the world of difference, it will make you more calm and able to carry out morning tasks at cheetah pace. It gets you out of your head and into your heart. This is the place of magic.

Step 2:

Get some positive affirmations running through your head! Instead of: I’m so fat, I don’t have a boyfriend, my job sucks… lets try something on a sweeter note.

If you can’t think of anything, try these out:

I see life with positive eyes

I experience love wherever I go

I flow with life easily and effortlessly

I love and approve of myself

Step 3:

Forgive yourself. No matter how many cookies you ate or how many drinks you had last night…forgive yourself freely. Otherwise you spend endless days worrying and putting yourself down. It isn’t helpful, it doesn’t inspire you to do better, and it just keeps you in your rut! When you slip up..(and all of us do) just brush yourself off, stand up tall and realise that all you can do is be the best version of you in this moment. Forgiving yourself will help you to focus on the present moment rather than lurking in the past. Worrying about your mistakes is a total waste of time… frankly it doesn’t change the situation, it just makes you upset and distracts you from all the great things in your life!

This is a really important part of enlivening the hottest, happiest and healthiest you…please let me know how you go with these..

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