Why I Started To Sleep Naked

Why I Started To Sleep Naked

Over the last 6 months I’ve become a naked sleeper. Although I have a crazy amount of gorgeous PJs I ditch them before I hit the sack. I have to admit I love being naked, I’ve always been that way, my mum found it hard to dress me and I went as Eve to fancy dress parties for 3 years running.

Sleeping naked can be an big change for people however it can be incredible beneficial, here is why:

Reduces risk of infection

Women are more likely to get infections in our lady parts and sleeping naked can help reduce this! Bacteria thrives in a closed off environment without much air flow, so letting everything breathe down there can reduce infection. I am especially conscious of this as its super common in pregnancy. Letting everything breathe helps normalize the healthy flora keeping it happy down there.

Better for your mans fertility

Tight underwear can increase the temperature of the balls and can affect the men’s sperm count and quality. Get him involved in sleeping naked and I’m sure it will spice up your sex life too!

Better Sleep

I know I’ve noticed I sleep so much better naked. It helps regulate body temperature, reduces insomnia and gives a better environment for sleep.

Better sleep = more energy, brighter skin and balanced mood. So why not give it a go, its summer now after all.

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