What’s in my gym bag

What’s in my gym bag

I am always out and about carrying my gym bag. It has lots of goodies in it to keep me glowing from head to toe. I couldn’t survive without it.

The main basis is lots of natural beauty products. Like the food we eat, we absorb what we put into and onto our bodies. I am not perfect but I do try and choose organic and natural where I can.

So I thought I would share with you some of my gym savers. Let’s have a look in…

1. Brita water filter – water is essential while working out. It’s so important to keep hydrated pre, post and during a workout. I am to drink a litre while at the gym or yoga.

2. Savse smoothie – I always finish my workout with something to eat. Often I’m in a rush so I grab a smoothie on the go. Something with some super veggie ️goodness.

3. Mio – the activist – this amazing body oil is incredible to run into tired skin, it absorbs super quick and doesn’t veg on your clothes. It smells amazing and claims to firm and tone to booty.

4. Neal’s yard argan oil – I have super frizzy hair, and it can get out of control at the gym. This beautiful oil helps calm the fro and nourish dry ends. It also doubles up as a body or face oil.

5. Pai moisturiser – This amazing cream is fresh, light and totally organic. Paid skin care is made for sensitive skin and really calms down my red sweaty face. It smells dreamy and makes your face super smooth after. I usually wash my face in the shower and then happy a little to my skin.

6. Ren lip balm – I like a fresh natural look after the gym, and often don’t wear makeup, so ill apply this lip balm. its natural, nourishing and makes my lips looks glam.

7. Viridian coconut oil – I always have a little pot of coconut oil to remove any makeup, its the best makeup remover and smells good, plus if I get hungry I can always have a taste.

8. Soap walla deodorant – it’s hard to find natural organic deodorants that work but this one is great. Its not very sexy, you apply it on like a cream. However it does the job!

9. A’kin shampoo and conditioner – I love this brand, again like all my goodies its natural and organic. They are super nourishing for my hair and sweep the greasy look away.

My bag keeps my hydrated, nourished and beatified , what’s not to love.

What do you carry in your gym bag? leave a comment below…..


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