What to Eat if you have PCOS

What to Eat if you have PCOS

If you read my blog often you will know I have PCOS, just like 1/4 of women. From my own experiences, I’ve learnt that PCOS can be controlled and healed with a good diet and here is a little guide on what to eat.


What to eat:

1. B vitamin rich foods

Make sure you’re munching on your green leafy veggies, chicken, fish and mushrooms. B vitamins are essential for sugar and fat metabolism, thyroid function and hormone balance.

2. Pasture raised meat

Make sure you prioritise the quality your meat. Grass fed meat contains more omega 3 fatty acids, it’s leaner and is hormone free. I love field and flower, check our my healthy meat box with them here.

3. Healthy Fats

Essential fatty acids from eggs, fish, hemp seeds and avocados are vital for hormone balance, weight management and fertility. Try and add them into each meal.


What to cut down on:

1. White sugar

The issue with sugar is that it is effected your insulin levels. When you eat refined sugar it causes an insulin spike in the blood stream so the body can effectively make use of the energy from glucose. However, high levels of insulin increases the symptoms of PCOS such as increased hair growth, weight gain, cravings and and irregular menstrual cycles. This also applies to other high GI foods like white rice and bread.

2. Dairy

This is another one that might help if you cut out. It has been seen to effect testosterone levels which can effect PCOS and increase symptoms.

Other things to avoid are soy milk and trans-fats from processed meats and vegetable oils.


Lifestyle changes:

Reducing your stress is key to managing your PCOS.

Don’t panic about having it, it will be ok! Speak to your doctor if it gets out of hands but eating a nutritious diet bursting with whole foods, spending time outdoors, practicing yoga and spending some time loving yourself will help also.

Do you have any PCOS tips? leave a comment below..


Disclaimer: I am writing here from my own personal experience and research as well as from what I’ve learnt at nutrition school. I would always suggest going to see a healthcare practitioner or medical professional if you’re concerned or want more information.


  • Senitta Hurley

    I have PCOS and hyperthyroidism and find it very difficult to manage both. Personally, I’ve found that dairy and wheat can be problematic and I avoid soy and coffee at all costs. I’ll try these tips, especially the first one about B vitamin rich foods.

  • Rachael Gibb

    I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago and never truly considered the effect my diet had, and definitely never acted on it till recently. Both your books have already been a great help. Thankyou!

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      Thank you lovely, so glad you like them xx

  • Amélie Mertens

    Hi, i was diagnosed PCOS when around 22 but never really paid attention to it as I was put under the pill at that time. I came off the pill about a year ago I but never had my period (unless provoked by medication as we’re trying to get pregnant :-s. Not so successful so far). I’m indeed watching my diet but find it difficult to cut down the alcohol and the coffee ( as these aren’t so great either apparently) especially when on holiday ☀️!! But thanks a lot for the tips Madeleine, and the recipes!! I’ve already tried quite a few and they are awsome!

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      Hello lovely, so sorry to hear that! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the recipes – I hope you start to feel better soon xx

  • http://www.themixedmedic.com themixedmedic.com

    I am prescribed metformin and spironolactone which definitely helps but making changes to my diet and exercise was huge. Sugar also comes in the form of simple carbs which used to be a large part of my diet that I’ve now replaced with fruit and protein

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      Sounds great xx

  • Kat Fowler

    I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18 years old and never had regular periods since. After 5 years of exercising 4-5 times a week and a healthy diet I came off the pill at 27 years old and fell pregnant within one month…. Some positivity. Apparently I no longer have PCOS.

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      How wonderful xx

  • http://www.calmer-you.com Chloe Brotheridge – Calmer You

    Perfect timing! I was just talking to a friend about PCOS today so it’s great to be able to share this with her! x

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      Amazing xx

  • Liv

    I suffer from PCOS and I’m in the process of naturally healing it through diet. I’ve also signed up to yoga – fingers crossed I start to feel a bit better soon. I’m just struggling to find good, organic meat that doesn’t cost too much as I am a student!

    Liv x


    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      I hope you start to feel better! I use Field & Flower for organic meat at great prices xx

  • Judith Fraser

    Great to see this topic being discussed again, it affects so many of us!
    I have PCOS and endometriosis. I kept a food diary and noted my pain levels daily for months and used it to try and test what did and didn’t help my symptoms. However what I discovered is pretty much spot on with what Madeleine is advising above. So take note ladies! You don’t have to rely on painkillers or hormone treatments etc. if they just aren’t working for you (and I know they do help some people). Making dietary and lifestyle changes has helped me more than anything. Regular exercise, restorative yoga sessions, less dairy and definitely less sugar worked wonders for me. Spread the word!

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      Thank you Judith xx

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