Weaning Essentials – Motherhood Mondays (3)

Weaning Essentials – Motherhood Mondays (3)



Welcome back to Motherhood Mondays, I hope these weekly posts are helping in some way – let me know if they are by tagging me in an Instagram story (@madeleine_shaw_ ) or give me a little message on what you would like me to focus an upcoming week on! I’m here to help…


Any way, this week is all about Weaning and the essentials I believe every mum needs. Weaning was quite an exciting time for me, but daunting at the same time – having a baby and someone else to look after was new but cooking wasn’t new. So I has very mixed emotions. 


I remember how hard I worked on his meals to begin with and remember many times Shay practically throwing the food back at me. I persevered and persevered, feeling myself get less and less relaxed. When I started to relax and begin to worry more about it being a balanced plate rather than an extravagant one, it was such a better outcome for myself and for Shay. I must admit weaning was and still is an emotional period, when sometimes you feel like you can do better. But please do remember this isn’t true and you are doing great.


I wanted to share my weaning essentials, as they truly helped me through and wish I knew of all of these tips before I began my weaning journey. I hope they help…



This awesome bowl by BooBamboo was a life-saver, the bottom is suctioned and without a doubt saved a lot of floor scrubbing and mess! It looks pretty gorgeous too. 


Plate up!

Another cute fox cub suction plate made of natural Bamboo by Bamboo Bamboo! I love it. 


A non-comparison mindset

It is important to remember that babies are all very different and so it is not a good idea to compare the weaning progress of your baby with that of others. Once you switch the comparison mindset off, you’ll find your experience of weaning will become a lot nicer and less hard.


The Best Spoons you never knew you needed

Firstly, ChooMe dual flex starter spoon have a firm handle and then soft spoon which bends with every bowl. Secondly , Nooni soft silicone feeding spoons are great for teething as well as weaning and you get them in a gorgeous little pack of 3 ! I used this alternatively depending on the type of meal


TOP TIP: Your baby is the best person to know when they are full, so learn to recognise and respond to signs that your baby has had enough!


Bib Up Properly

At beginning of weaning, it was very messy so we needed sleeved bibs as soon as possible, I found this pack of two by Little Dimsum which were incredibly good, especially for eating out! 



I know this seems easier said than done, but that main thing I learnt during my weaning journey was that I needed to be patient. This isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but I soon learnt that a lot of patience is needed. Keep persisting and know that you are trying your best and that is all you can do!


Texture Tools

I already had my Nutribullet when I started weaning Shay, so all I needed to do was steam the veg and whip it in the Nutribullet. However, I’ve heard many mums using a AVENT Combined steamer and blender which are fab by Philips.  


Top Tip: When starting to introduce food to your baby it is best to start slowly, offering a small amount of a smooth and runny puree. Then, gradually increase the thickness of these purees over the next month so that by around 7 months baby is eating a thick puree which will “dollop” off of a spoon.


I hope this blog helped you in some way, share away, hashtag #MotherhoodMondays or #MadeleineShaw and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Next week I will fill you in on more specifically on my weaning journey and how I got Shay to be a great eater – at last! 

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Lots of love,


Madeleine. Xx




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