RitualiTea #PressPause Meditation

Origins has launched a new collection of powder face masks called RitualiTea. Each mask is powered by potent teas sourced from all over the world. They are designed to help improve overall skin health while encouraging you to take some much-needed time out to #PressPause. For the next video in my series with Origins I’ve created a simple meditation to complement the new masks…so you can mask and meditate!

There are three collections in the range, Matcha Madness, Oolong La and Feeling Rosy – each mask is powered by antioxidant-rich tea leaves. I like to put on my mask and practice a rejuvenating meditation.

I feel energised and less anxious after a meditation, and my face feels smooth and renewed after a rejuvenating mask.

Find out more about the new Origins RitualiTea range

I am Origins’ Glow Girl for 2016 but although I’m partnering with them, I want you guys to know that I only work with products and brands that I genuinely like using and feel comfortable recommending!

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