My Top 5 Kitchen Utensils

Hey guys,

I get asked quite a lot what equipment I have in my kitchen – so I’m showing you a behind the scenes peek of my top 5 utensils which I use daily.

What do you have in your kitchen?

Comment below…

Lots of love, Madeleine xxx

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  • Kerstin


    I was wondering if you have any recommendations for any garlic crushers/presses? I have absolutely no luck finding one that works or doesn’t break.

    Hope you’re having a nice day!

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hi babe, I really like the Jamie Oliver one: it looks really pretty too! xx

  • Madeleine Shaw

    No problem! xx

  • MFVoyiatzis

    Hi Madeleine. I also love my slow cooker – iido you have any recipes you recommend for slow cooking? I was thinking of trying the chicken and olive tagine from your ready, steady, glow book on it – do you think that will work?

  • Madeleine Shaw

    Sounds great xx

  • Jess

    Hi Madeleine – How does you food processor deal with making homemade nut butters? I have a Wahl one but it is not powerful enough for nut butters. Thanks

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Yes nut butters does require a powerful food processor as it has a lot of work to do! I love magimix, kitchen aid and cuisinart xx

  • GLORIA Watkins

    Hi Madeleine, great post! I have a little slow cooker but I don’t use it enough. Do you have some recipes for the slow cooker you could share with us please?x

    • Madeleine Shaw

      I would love to – creating some!! xx

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