My Sleep Routine Vlog!

Hey guys, this week I’m back with another vlog to show you what I do to get to sleep soundly! We all find it hard to sleep sometimes so I’m sharing what I do to get to sleep, and maybe you can pick up a few tips and tricks on the way!

What’s your routine before bed? Comment below…

Big kiss Madeleine xxx

Like what you saw in this video? Here are my sleepy dream products…

Holistic Silk Eye Mask
Colouring Books
Magnesium Oil
Aesop hand cream
Neom pillow mist
Neom face oil


  • Fran

    Wow your skin is amazing Madeleine!

    Sometimes when I go to bed at night, I pretend that it’s a weekday morning and I’m going to be naughty and sleep in. It’s a bit of a geeky mind trick (or so my boyfriend tells me), but it always makes me smile and I feel like I get to sleep in all the time hehe.

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Haha what a great tip! Maybe I’ll have a try xx

  • Becky Round

    Thanks for the tips Madeleine! :) What eye cream did you have on your eyes? Or is it that your natural eyelids?! I’m looking for something natural with that kind of look. Thanks.

  • Nadine

    you are SO cute!! :)
    really love the tips..I put some eye-drops in my eyes, before I got to bed (it feels so good, especially when you have dry eyes..) :)

    Nadine xx

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Thanks for the tip Nadine will keep in mind xx

  • Ida-Sofia

    I have the same magnesium oil than you! I love it and it really helps me to fall asleep. :)

    • Madeleine Shaw

      sounds great, I love it xx

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