My Favourite Cookbooks

This week is a slightly different video…instead of doing a ‘clothes haul’ I thought I would do a ‘cookbook haul’ and show you some of my favourite cookbooks.

I actually collect cook books and have a whole book shelf full of them. The best part about recipe books is that someone always has a new one to recommend which is how I’ve come to have so many! If you’re looking for a new book to get food inspiration from, these are some of my favourite healthy books that use natural and hearty ingredients!

I hope you feel inspired to get cooking!

Lots of love Madeleine xxx


My fave cookbooks as featured above:

Diana Henry, A Change of Appetite

Sarah Wilson, Simplicious

Anna Jones, A Modern Way to Eat

Jessica Sepel, The Healthy Life

Sabrina Ghayour, Persiana

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