How to Use My Glow Guides App

My 8-week transformational programme, Glow Guides is available to download now – your own pocket personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach all in an app!

I’ve written everything you need to know about Glow Guides in a handy blog post, where you can find out what it is, what’s included, the price and much more!

Download here:

For more information check out


  • Georgia

    veggie version pretty please i’m dying for it!

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Ahhh I know!! I promise you we are working on please stay tuned want to give you lots of news soon babe!! Can’t wait for it to come out xxxx

  • Danni Walters

    Hey, is there any chance that your app could be put onto the Microsoft app store because I am really interested in getting it but am unable to do so!!! By the way I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!! x

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hey Danni, I’ll look into it for you. In the mean time keep an eye on my website for loads of new recipes, blog posts and videos xx

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