How To Set Goals And Stay Healthy In 2017

Let’s work together and achieve some amazing goals this year! Here are my tips on how to set goals and stay healthy in 2017.

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  • Rajkumari

    Great news on going vegetarian. I’m concerned about getting enough protein if I go vegetarian as I know that vegetarian sources of protein like quinoa and beans/lentils have high carb contents as well. Any tips on how to get enough veg protein while not going carb crazy?

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Tofu is great and chickpeas, also check out the veggie specific products in your supermarket, they have a great selection that will be packed with protein! xx

    • Rajkumari

      I love chickpeas, kidney beans and the like but I’m avoiding tofu because of thyroid issues. Anyway, managing to stick with it so far! What I would give for a delicious spoonful of fragrant basmati rice. Getting so sick of the cauliflower. But good news, it’s excellent for my thyroid condition.

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