How I Became a Food Blogger

Press play to see hear how I became a blogger! I’m sharing how I got started with healthy eating, how I set up my blog and how I made it my job…and how you can too!
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  • Jenny Colgan

    Wow Madeleine, you are such an inspiration! I’m just setting out as a nutritional therapist after many years as a stay at home mum, beating cancer and coming to terms with life with lymphoedema and how to manage it. I find that lack of confidence is definitely my biggest hurdle, always putting my abilities down etc. But I am so passionate about nutrition, real food and getting people to enjoy healthy uncomplicated food that I’m determined to keep going. I know from experience how changing the way you think about food can put your life back on the right track again, and I want to help other people who are struggling to find their way. Your video just gave me that extra kick that I needed today to keep working for it. Thank you so much! Jenny Colgan xx

    • Madeleine Shaw

      You are incredible gorgeous! So thrilled to hear you are doing so great! Lots of love xxxx

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