Healthy Pancake Recipe

Today I’m sharing an awesome gluten and wheat free pancake recipe with Wild Dish. Doug Armstrong joins me in the kitchen and learns how to make Nutella (with a healthy twist). I’m also sharing a delicious raspberry chia jam recipe which is another great pancake topping for those who are looking for a nut free alternative. Make sure you subscribe to Wild Dish for more healthy videos with Doug and I!

Pancake batter:
4 Eggs
225ml Almond Milk
125g Buckwheat flour

300g skinless hazelnuts
2tbsp coconut oil
4tbsp raw cacao powder
2 pinches salt
75g coconut sugar

To serve
3tbsp toasted coconut flakes

Raspberry Chia Jam:
200g raspberries

1tbsp honey

1⁄2 tsp vanilla extract
2 1⁄2 tbsp chia seeds

To serve
Fresh raspberries

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