5 Tips to Energise Your Life

I’m back this week with another of my ‘5 tips’ so if you’re lacking energy…this one’s for you. I’m sharing 5 tips to help up your energy levels the healthy way.

I’d love to hear your tips too! Please comment them below…

Lots of love, Madeleine xxx


  • Caroline

    Hi Madeline, love this vlog and your site/work in general, I’m struggling at the moment to ‘get my glow back’ I’m normally really good with my diet and staying fit and healthy, but the last few weeks I have sort of lost my mojo for a few reasons and really struggling to get back into the swing, have you got anymore articles and tips I could read through to give me my motivation back! Thanks in advance xx

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      Hello Caroline, so sorry to hear that! Yes I have a post here which will be helpful for you: http://madeleineshaw.com/videos/5-tips-to-stay-motivated/ xx

    • Caroline

      This is perfect, thank you! Great mindset ready for the weekend :)

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      So glad you liked it xx

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