5 Tips to Relieve Anxiety

Here are my 5 top tips to relieve anxiety. If this is something you suffer with, I really hope you find them helpful. If you have a friend or family member who struggles with feelings of anxiety, please share this with them.

What are your tips to relieve anxiety? Comment below…

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  • Julie

    Lovely video. Thank you :-) x

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      Thank you, really pleased you enjoyed it x

  • Cindi Patterson

    I need to be better about this. I’ve suffered crippling anxiety for years – and take meds for it. I need someone to live with me to remind me of these things daily!

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com/ Madeleine Shaw

      I hope you found it helpful x

    • Cindi Patterson

      I did, very much so. It certainly gives me different tools to consider and try and remember when it’s very bad. Thanks!

  • http://www.foodiebeeblog.wordpress.com Becky Scott

    wise words! x

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