Vedic Meditation Review

Vedic Meditation Review


In November 2015 I completed a beginner course in Vedic Meditation with Will Williams. Vedic Mediations is a derivative of the Transcendental Meditation technique taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. You are given an individual mantra and then taught over the weekend how to meditate. A lot of you have been asking me about meditation because I’ve recently become really interested in and practicing it, so I wanted to share with you my experiences with Will.

Will is one of those people you just like immediately, he’s charming, ridiculously eloquent and knowledgeable.

It was a nice small group of 15 people, we sat around wills flat sipping on herbal tea talking about mediations, the amazing benefits from reduced stress, to reduced depression, anxiety and belong with fertility. You feel so at home there, and everyone was really welcoming.

Vedic meditation is a very simple technique although it seems like this difficult mystical thing. All you need to do is repeat silently to yourself your mantra, this basically helps your mind settle without any effort, focus, or concentration. I found it tricky at first to get my tongue around my mantra. Although I teach and love yoga I’m much more prone to saying downward dog than Adho Mukha Svanasana because it’s easier.

The meditation works best doing it twice a day for 20 minutes, this was the thing I found most difficult. I struggle to fit my studies, book, app, website and all things glow to then add in meditation. However I have noticed the difference in my mood that it’s always worth it. I do my first one in the morning, I get up have some warm water and lemon do a glow guides workout and then get to my meditation. The evening one I do before bed which seems to work best for me.

The great thing is you can do it anywhere you don’t need any fancy equipment, just you.

So what have the benefits been so far: I sleep better, feel brighter and happier.. pretty good hey!?

For more information on Will’s Retreats, courses and meditation visit his website.

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