Things I’m Loving this week…Picnics!

Things I’m Loving this week…Picnics!

Nothing beats a long stroll and some al fresco dining. I like to think of picnics as a little adventure where you can then indulge on your favourite snacks, all ready and prepared. Here are my best loved picnic companions that will have you smooth sailing through your best picnic yet.


KJ Collection Picnic Basket


I love this picnic basket! It’s the perfect accessory for picnickers as it has everything you need from cutlery to plates, the perfect set for 2. It also has a cool box that is great for keeping your food fresh.


Tweedmill Picnic Blanket


Relax and get comfy on this gorgeous wool rug, it’s design is beautiful and is so handy as it rolls up into a handheld carry. It’s a great size that could fit a whole family and has a waterproof backing so if the weather decides to take a twist it’ll stay in good nick.


Picnic Napkins


Clean up with these super cute feather napkins, a stylish addition to your picnic.


Pearl Toothpicks


How to make toothpicking a little bit cuter? Add a pearl to the end of your toothpick! After indulging in lots of delicious nibbles, the inevitable tends too occur… food in our teeth (gasp!) Tt happens to the best of us so these little warriors are perfect for saving us the embarrassment hours later of ‘um, you’ve got spinach in your teeth’.


Kilner Milk Bottle


Fill these handy little bottles with my Beautiful Berry Smoothie and pop in a cool pack for a deliciously refreshing and nourishing thirst-quencher. These are also great for holding a salad dressing, or a cooling gazpacho. Anything Kilner for food and smoothies is a winner!


John Masters Organics Sunscreen SPF 30

john masters

Staying protected in the sun is so important to keep your skin looking youthful and staying healthy. Use this on exposed skin if you’re out in the sun during your picnic to keep that skin glowing.


Origins ‘A Perfect World’ Moisturiser with SPF 25


Origins is my absolute go-to when it comes to caring for my face. This moisturiser is rich in antioxidants and has SPF 25 in to form a protective layer over your face. Pop a little bit of this on before you leave the house and you are set for the day!


Where are your favourite picnic spots and what do you take with you? Comment below I’d love to hear your top picnic tips…

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