Things I’m loving this week: Kitchen Equipment Edit

Things I’m loving this week: Kitchen Equipment Edit

I love my kitchen equipment… I guess that’s no surprise. I love interiors too, it’s actually what I wanted to go into before I got into food. However that’s another story.
Having a good set of kitchen equipment is essential it makes your life and cooking easier, and who doesn’t want that?! Here are a few of my favourites:


Joseph Joseph 6-Piece Kitchen Tool Set

I recently went on a bit of a sprawl in Joseph and Joseph and properly stocked up my kitchen! I love all their products – they’re all so colourful, fun and really useful!

Robert Welch 7 piece cutlery

Robert Welch fills my cutlery drawer I love their products they’re so classy and make your table look like a dream, I advise you stock up and your table will always look great!

Le Creuset

I couldn’t live without my pans and especially my Le Creuset. I can’t tell you how many stews, soups and other lovely recipes I’ve made in this. Pretty much a life changer and a definite investment piece!

Microplane Zester

I love the zest of lemons and limes, I use them quite a lot in my recipes but I always find it can be a bit fiddly. This zester makes the job so much easier and less of a battle with a grater!

H&M Wooden Salad Servers

I love these salad servers they look beautiful on the table and really bring a stylish notion to your salad leaves! They also work really well too and a lus is that they look great in photos – perfect!

Bloomingville Plate

I’m really into grey and white plates, there’s something in the colour of stones that really appeals to me. Food looks so delicious too! I love having a good collection of quirky and different plates as they really bring your table to life.
What are your favourite kitchen gadgets? Leave a comment below:

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