Things I’m loving this week…Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

Things I’m loving this week…Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

You would be surprised the effects your cooking gadgets will have on the outcome of your newest recipe attempt, or your oldest, most loved dish. Particularly the health benefits we can reap from our foods from cooking in a slightly healthier, more nutrient efficient way. Check out these gadgets to be on your way to the yummiest nutritious meals you’ve ever made.

Robert Welch Campden Casserole & Steamer Set


Casserole’s and stew’s are such a great way of packing in your vegetables to make a tasty and delicious dish bursting with goodness. This pot is perfect for making a beautiful casserole dish.  This set doubles up as a steamer, too. Steaming veggies is the best way to make sure veggies retain their maximum nutritional value. Try my Sweet Potato, Fennel and Chilli Stew.

Kitchen Craft 6-egg poacher


Eggs are protein packed and make a fulfilling delicious breakfast. I love poached eggs and they are super healthy, this pan lets you make six at a time which is the dream as poached eggs can be a bit tricky and time consuming if making one by one. Try out my gorgeous Asian take on poached eggs for something a little different!

Breville Slow Cooker


This sleek black slow cooker will look the part on your kitchen counter and is the perfect sous chef when you’ve got a whole day in the office and no time to cook. Slow cookers are amazing at bringing out the flavours in your dish so I recommend leaving on the lowest setting for the flavours to fully infuse.

Excalibur Dehydrator


An absolute diamond for anyone on a raw diet, a food dehydrator is a great way of preserving foods and making tasty, healthy snacks. Try slicing some courgettes thinly to make a delicious and health alternative for crisps.

Sophie Conran 8 inch Pan


Sophie Conran do a beautiful range of pans, I love how unique looking they are. The quality of these pans are amazing, with even heat distribution and non-stick coatings you will be sure to cook up something yummy.


Bobble Bottle Infuser


Bobble bottles are have a super funky design that will leave you looking cool and feeling fresh with filtered crisp tasting water. This brand new design lets you infuse your favourite fruits and veggies, too!



Spiralizing your veg is a great way to increase your vegetable intake. Vegetables contain an abundance of dietary fibre that will help to detoxify the body and keep you filler for longer. This will help with everyday digestion and will make you feel less bloated. Win, win!

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