Things I’m loving this week – Healthy Cereal

Things I’m loving this week – Healthy Cereal

Granola is one of those foods that you feel pretty smug munching on but it can contain huge amount of refined sugar.

I love cereal its a simple quick way of getting breakfast down me in the morning.

I love variety and mixing up my breakfasts so I have put together a selection of my favourite brands. As we hear time and time again breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I can assure you that these will give you a whole host of loving goodness so you can be sure to start your day on a high!


Alara Gluten Free Crunchy Oats – £5.85


I love these gluten free oats they’re super tasty and easy on your stomach. With only honey and fruit used as the sweetener your sugar levels aren’t going to sky rocket so you’ll be set up for a great start to the day.


QNOLA Cacao & Cashew – £7.95


QNOLA is gorgeous and I love all the different flavours. It’s made using popped quinoa and is a grain free-granola, so a great alternative to oats. Other ingredients include nutritious nuts and seeds and a variety of different superfoods.


The Paleo Foods Co Berry and Almond Grain-Free Granola– £6.99

Paleo Granola

This cereal is full of lovely high quality natural ingredients, loaded with health benefits and free of any bad stuff! It’s yummy too so you won’t think of it as too healthy.


Primrose’s Kitchen – £7.59

Primrose's Kitchen

I love Primrose’s Kitchen packaging, it’s so cute! The flavours are awesome too and they’re made using oats, which are full of fibre so a great start to the day.


Rude Health Granola – £3.72

Rude Health coconut

I love the combination of coconut and chia and this cereal has the best of both. I love adding coconut to my porridge as it’s full of great fats which provide instant energy that’s long-lasting.


Flahavan’s Oats – £7.07

Flavalan's Oats

Oats are a great thing to have in your cupboard as not only can these be used for porridge but for granola, flapjacks, overnight Bircher’s, desserts and even savoury burgers. Oats are so versatile and make a lovely cereal.


Amisa Granola- £6.47


Amisa is a great brand to be aware of and provides nutritious, healthy, organic products, which are full of nourishing goodness! I find a bowl of this in the morning is amazing for my energy levels and for keeping me full up until lunch.


BioFair Quinoa Flakes – £7.51

Biofair quinoa flakes

I love making my own porridge and to switch is up from oats I love using quinoa flakes which have the same effect as oats but with that lovely quinoa taste. Quinoa flakes absorb nut milks really well and I especially love coconut milk and toppings such as nuts, seeds and fruit.


Inspiral Activated Raw Buckwheat Groats – £2.95


Another pseudocereal I use a lot in my breakfasts is buckwheat – no wheat at all is actually in buckwheat and it’s totally gluten and grain free despite the name. It has a nutty taste which I love and the actual groats absorb flavor really well so it’s a great ingredient to have in your morning breakfast cereal.

What do you love having for breakfast? Do you have a favourite breakfast cereal?

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