Things I’m  Loving this week…for Digestion

Things I’m Loving this week…for Digestion

Hey beautiful, this week I’m talking about our gut! Don’t be scared… but, I do want you to know that your gut tells you so much more than you think about your health and wellbeing. I know the sexy subject of gut health is something that people don’t want to address but I believe it’s as important as our other organs. Your tummy is sometimes compared to as your second brain, which means we need to treat it right in order to function optimally.

What you digest is intrinsic to the nutrients your body absorbs, so I want to share with you the things that have helped me over the years with my digestion.

Here are my foolproof products I make sure to include in my diet. I especially want to pack them in if I feel out of whack or a bit bloated.

Clearspring Miso Paste – £6.54



I love miso paste; it gives such a great depth of flavour. It’s used a lot in Asian dishes and provides that all important umami flavour.

Biona Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – £4.85

I love apple cider vinegar. It has so many versatile uses from being used in dressings to sprucing up your salad. You can incorporate it into your beauty regime as a toner and if you’re feeling brave take a shot of it in the morning before eating anything to really kick fire your digestion. Make sure you look for a bottle with ‘the mother’ in it.

Bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar

Viridian Digestive Enzymes – £24

I love taking these digestive enzymes daily, they work hard at restoring your gut flora and encouraging great digestion. Take these daily.

Bottle of Viridian Enzymes

Bio Kult Probiotics – £22.65

I love probiotics. These are best taken on an empty stomach and I love taking them before bed so they have the chance overnight to get to work at breaking down the food I’ve eaten in the day.

Bio Kult



Gut, by Giulia Enders – £3.99

This book is fabulous, it gives you such great insight into gut health and how it all works. Some people are scared to talk about it but in this book Giulia breaks that taboo.

Cover of Gut

Pukka Peppermint Tea – £3.85


Peppermint tea helps to stimulate digestion and Pukka’s three mint tea is a mixture of peppermint, spearmint and field mint. It’s naturally caffeine free and helps refresh the palate – win!

Box of Tea


Coconut Merchant Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – £8.86

Healthy fats are great for digestion as they can help keep you regular and also help with energy levels. Increasing your intake of these fats can help constipation.

Jar of Coconut Oil

Pukka Ghee -£11.94

Another great fat to use is ghee. Go for organic and grass fed as you’ll get the most benefits from this. Ghee has a wonderful flavour and the health benefits are awesome.

Jar of Pukka Ghee

Kombucha – £3.58

You may not have heard of Kombucha, but it’s a fermented tea that has been proven to be great for your digestion. Packed with natural occurring amino acids, vitamins and minerals you’ll be sure to get a good dose of digestive help with this.



What are your favourite products in aiding digestion? Comment below…


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