The headache busting tricks you’ve never tried

So you get a headache so…you pop a pill.

However you can help ease them/prevent them in a more natural way.

Fist of there are a few different types of headaches

Tension headaches – centering around the base of the skull, temple and forehead (the most common kind of headache) They are mainly caused due to stress, whether its mental, physical or emotional these are the big things that factor into this.

Cluster Headaches – focused more around the eyes they can last a fair bit longer that the tension ones. These can be mainly causued by not enough sleep!

Secondary headaches – these ones a bit more full on steaming from trauma, injury, or a serious systemic issue .

So how can we help relieve the pain…

Obviously your aspirin and ibuprofen give short term relief but we want to heal the body and work in prevention not cure.

Here are a few herbal remedies…

Acerola Cherry

Jammed packed with all the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. The amazing thing about this berry is it conatins: anthocyanins which contains inflammatory properties to help relieve headaches!

Head massages

This can be done in the shower which conditioning your hair. Just spend a little time to massage it in and all yourself to unwind.

Breath in Breath out!

If I was to have a tattoo this is what it would say! Stress can cause is totally linked to your headaches. It hard to avoid but we do need to take the time to relax. Mediation is amazing but it maybe not for you, you can find peace in other activities such as Yoga, tai chi, painting, singing or dancing.

Keep hydrated too and of course make sure you are eating well.

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