Supplementing During Pregnancy

Supplementing During Pregnancy

It’s super important to be supplementing during pregnancy to keep your body functioning well. Your baby needs to use your nutrients so you need extra to make sure there are some left for you.

I’ve been trying some supplements over the past few months and here are my thoughts:

Zeta West

This was my first go-to! I liked the way there were separate bottles for the different sections of the pregnancy. The supplement is jammed packed with everything you need, it’s like a super boost, but my only issue is that it does contain some fillers in it. I was taking this supplement during my very sicky stage so did find it hard to take it, let alone one with every meal as per instructed.



I love this brand and have taken loads of their vitamins for years, however these didn’t work for me. After I had run out of Zeta West, I tried Terranova as it contains kelp and seaweed in them for an extra boost. The only issue with these is they stunk; really fishy, and I just couldn’t stomach them. So sadly, they were short lived.


Wild Nutrition

I had used this brand for fertility while I was trying to get pregnant and had always got along with this it, so after Terranova I decided to start taking them and haven’t turned back yet. I like them as they’re super natural and easy to take.


What pregnancy supplements have you tried that you have enjoyed? Leave a comment below…


  • Ana

    Hi!! Congratulations on your pregnancy :-) Such a special time of our lives… I’m currently 25 weeks, second baby boy and, this time around the first trimester was much easier that the previous one. I’ve been taking folic acid and iodine, all in one pill – keeping it simple. It’s called IOB9 in Portugal but I’m sure you have something similar in the UK. For now it’s been sufficient; I haven’t felt the need to take any more supplements. Take care hun XX

  • Danielle

    Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m almost 12 weeks and have found the first trimester really difficult! It’s great to read your posts especially about the food cravings because before I was pregnant I tried to eat really well but not I can only mostly tolerate beige food, therefore supplements seem really important! I’m taking the pregnacare tablets but I was advised by my midwife that you should stop taking folic acid after 12 weeks as it’s not needed, however most of the supplements include this so don’t really know which to take now…any suggestions?! :) Dani xxx

  • Becky

    Hi Madeline, congrats on your pregnancy. I’m just approaching the end of my first trimester, and have been taking the Wild Nutrition too. Like you I’d been on the fertility ones from this brand, so have stuck to it and very happy.
    I’m also taking Bump and Glory omega 3 fish oil tablets just once a day.
    Becky x

  • Gill D

    Nutri pregnancy for pre-conception and first trimester as it’s the methylated folate form. Switched over to Wild Nutrition now for the rest of my preganancy as it’s all food grown forms of the nutrients-love these x

  • Jo Townsend

    I used Cytoplan Pregnacare throughout my last pregnancy, as well as Dropi cod liver oil and Mega-Mag magnesium. I now have a very healthy, happy 3 week old in my arms who was delivered at home with almost no pain releif and no assistance. Beautiful and humbling experience through and through :) Wishing you and Baby Glow the same fulfillment and joy xxx

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Thanks babe xx

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