Spring Clean Your Mind 

Spring Clean Your Mind 

I love spring maybe because my birthday lands in it but also it means longer days and more sunshine.  The tricky part is that it can be really hard to break out of those winter ways, our bodies and our minds have become used to baggy jumpers and comfy boots and big bowls of comfort food it’s hard to wake that beautiful body up again!

Here are my 5 tips on how to spring clean your mind and get yourself ready for summer:

Have a good clear out

A great way to move on from those dreary winter months is to have a good tidy up and blow all those cobwebs out. I love to open up my windows, chuck out those old creams and beauty products which are on their last legs and spend some time reorganising your wardrobe. While it seems like a lot of work you will feel so fresh and ready for a new spring start.

Get some fresh air

As it’s getting warmer and sunnier what better excuse to get out in that lovely weather. Breathing in that fresh air will awaken your winter body and brain and refresh you, but it’s not July just yet so you will still need to wrap up! Brr!

Get healthy

While this may sound more like a new year’s resolution, the start of spring is a great time to get into that healthy eating habit. The brighter days and the warmer climate automatically makes eating protein packed salads and juicy fruit platters so much easier. You could even link into step number two and go for a nice, long walk in the fresh air! Twice the result!

Take up a new hobby

You know that thing you wanted to start doing; reading more, cooking, that spin class… Now is a great time to start it! Set yourself a new challenge and stick to it, no more excuses!

Write a journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great mind-cleansing technique, getting them out on paper focuses in on your worries, excitements and everyday emotions. Sometimes when you say something out loud it doesn’t seem so bad as you thought. I also love using my journal to see what I spend my time doing and if ‘someone else’ knows about you skipping the gym you may feel more inclined to stick to it.

I’m so excited to get some spring cleaning done, comment below with what you do to get yourself ready for a new spring start.

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