Yogurt Berry French Toast

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Yogurt Berry French Toast

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This yogurt berry french toast is such a yummy and simple breakfast and a great way to use up old bread to reduce food waste. It can easily be customised with whatever fruit you have in your fruit bowl or freezer making it the perfect, simple meal for any time you fancy a delicious and healthy sweet treat. Enjoy! Xx

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1. Crack your egg into a bowl and whisk
2. to the whisked egg add half the cinnamon and a tbsp of maple syrup
3. to your egg mixture soak each slice of bread on each side until the bread has absorbed the mixture on both sides
4. heat the oil or butter on medium heat in a frying pan add your bread and cook for a few minutes on each side until lovely and golden
5. once both slices are cooked, serve up with some berries, yogurt and maple syrup and the rest of the cinnamon

enjoy!! x

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