Weekday Veggie Burgers

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Weekday Veggie Burgers

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These Weekday Veggie Burgers are my absolute go-to when I want something comforting and substantial, fast. They are such a great recipe to make ahead, freeze and bring along to picnics, add to salads as a protein boost or bring along to a barbecue. This recipe is a total blank canvas for whatever spices, herbs, toppings or extra veggies you love so get creative with these delicious burgers!

Serves 2 Ready in 25 minutes Good For , , , , , ,


Begin by rinsing your lentils and then bringing to the boil for around 15 minutes

place your cooked lentils in a blender with the remaining ingredients and blend for a few seconds so that some whole lentils remain

form your mixture into patties and pan fry with sesame for a few minutes on each side


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