Tofu With Pineapple Stars

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Tofu With Pineapple Stars

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I love this recipe because it is really simple and so, so tasty! The tofu is smothered in honey and sesame seeds, giving it a deliciously crispy and sticky-like texture. It’s accompanied with fresh pineapple stars (or whichever shape you would like) and veggies, with a drizzling of tahini sauce.

It’s packed full of glowy goodness and will definitely excite your taste buds!

I really hope you enjoy.

Madeleine. Xx

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Slice your tofu into cm slices, place them between a few sheets of kitchen roll and place something heavy on top to squeeze out the moisture for 1 hour.

Slice the pineapple up into cm slices removing the skin and pop a star mould through the slices to create a star shape (or any shape), alternatively you can slice by hand.

Mix the dressing ingredients together.

Heat a pan with a little sesame oil. Rub the honey onto the tofu, followed by sesame seeds, season with salt and fry in the oil for 2 mins each side until golden brown.

Slice the avocado, julienne the carrots and plate all together, before adding the dressing on top!


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